Video conference links & Google Meet integration

JobScore can now insert video conference links into calendar events and candidate emails: 

  • Custom conference links allow you to copy-and-paste in a link from programs like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, Uberconference or Gotomeeting. 
  • When you install our Gsuite marketplace app, JobScore can generate and insert Google Meet links for you.


Google meet and custom conference available on add task section


When you choose to add a conference, JobScore inserts the link into the calendar events, so your team sees exactly where to click to conduct an interview: 


conference custom link on google calendar


… and the conference link is inserted into the confirmation email & calendar invite sent to the candidate:


candidate email with ics file attached


Don’t want to do a video interview?  No problem – leave the conference link field empty and do what you normally do.

Most of you told us that you use the same conferencing option for all recruiter screens and phone interviews…. so we made it easy to pre-set this value in task templates:


google link pre-set


If you’ve already installed our Google calendar integration, Google Meet is already working in your account – enjoy!  For those of you who use Zoom & Microsoft Teams, stay tuned … we’re working on integrations for those platforms right now.

Conference links are part of the calendar integration feature bundled in the JobScore SCALE and ENTERPRISE plans. 

Happy Hiring!