Request Compliance and Diversity Information

It’s hard to meet diversity program goals if you can’t collect enough data from candidates. When candidates apply and choose not to share their diversity information, there’s not much you can do.

But sometimes you don’t collect diversity data because candidates were never asked to share it. This happens when candidates are added directly to JobScore and they never apply for a job (which is when they are normally asked diversity & compliance questions).

Candidate forms in JobScore now allow you to ask candidates diversity and compliance questions at any time without completing a job application:

Diversity questions can be added to any candidate form and used at any point of your recruiting process. Candidate’s answers are securely & anonymously stored, and appear in your diversity and compliance reports.

Because of the precise nature of federal compliance requirements, diversity and compliance questions for gender, ethnicity, disability, and veteran status cannot be used in forms by customers who turn on the OFCCP compliance feature. Federal contractors can still gather this data by inviting candidates to apply for jobs.