Bulk Print Resumes

JobScore makes it easy to collaboratively review resumes wherever you are, but some folks still prefer to review resumes on good ‘ol paper.

While you’ve always been able to print individual resumes from JobScore, we recently added the ability to bulk print from the Candidate Manager page. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by selecting one or more candidates from the list.
  2. When you do, bulk options will appear above the table. Click on the “Print resumes” button

Bulk Print Resumes

This will create a PDF file with all of the resumes in a single file. Click the print icon (or press CTRL-P on Windows – Command-P on Mac) and all of the resumes will be sent to print.

Depending on the number of candidates selected and size of each resume it can take a few seconds for a new window to appear and fully load. For this reason, you are limited to printing 50 resumes at a time.