Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Protecting your privacy is a vital part of our mission.

With JobScore, you control who can access your personal information. We only share your information with employers that have jobs that match your qualifications and job preferences.

If you are unhappy with who is contacting you through JobScore, simply adjust your job preferences, privacy controls or just log in and turn off your profile.

When you create your JobScore profile we automatically block both your current employer and all previous employers we find on your resume. You control the list of who cannot see your profile. You can adjust the list of blocked employers on the privacy controls page.

JobScore recommends you by showing your anonymous profile to employers with jobs that match your specific qualifications and job preferences.

If the employer likes what they see, they access your complete profile. Each time an employer accesses your profile, you are sent a job match email that describes the position they want to talk to you about.

Sorry, we don’t completely delete profiles from JobScore because employers already have copies of your profile. We do, however, allow you to “turn off” your profile so that no additional employers can contact you. To turn off your profile:

Visit the privacy controls page and set it to “Private: no one can contact me.” Now your profile is off and you have opted out of JobScore.

No! JobScore is FREE for all job seekers.

Apply for a job at any employer that uses JobScore
Register on our website.

If you applied for a job at an employer that uses JobScore and didn’t get the job, they may have activated your profile in the JobScore Network. You were sent an email when this happened. If you are unhappy with the employers that are contacting you through JobScore, feel free to adjust your privacy controls or turn off your profile at any time here.

JobScore is not a job board where you search for jobs. Instead, we recommend you for jobs that match your skills and interests. When there is a job that matches what you want, we show your anonymous profile to the employer. If they want to talk to you, we let you know. With JobScore, there’s no need to search: great jobs find you!

Sorry, but you can’t. We’re not a job board, and we don’t maintain a complete list of jobs that you can search and review. However, most of our jobs are listed on free job sites like and – feel free to look for them there.

If you find a job that you like, just apply! If you are contacted by a JobScore employer via email, just email them back to let them know you are interested.

So we can recommend you for the right jobs! If you don’t tell us what you’ve done and what you want to do, how are we going to recommend you for your dream job?

We do ask you to add your resume and we use it to pre-populate your profile. To make great matches and protect your privacy, however, we also need you to tell us some information that is not on your resume … your job preferences.

Provided your resume is up-to date, a few minutes. If not, as long as it takes you to update your resume plus a few minutes.

Yes, you need a resume to register with JobScore for two important reasons:

1. We use your resume to pre-populate the qualifications part of your profile, so you spend less time entering information.

2. In our experience, employers who are interested in you want to read your resume, so you should let them.

Yes. This isn’t ideal (employers seem to prefer full resumes) but you can cut-and-paste your profile into the “type resume” field in lieu of a resume.

JobScore only accepts text based resumes in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf and.html formats up to 5MB in size. If your resume is in one of these formats and it still won’t upload, please email us at and we’ll assist you with any issue you’re running into.

Additionally, if you are having trouble, you can always select “type resume” instead of “attach resume” and cut-and-paste the text of your resume rather than upload a document.

You need to provide contact information for two important reasons:

1. Your contact information is the unique identifier used to set up your profile – it lets us know you are you.

2. Employers use this information to contact you for interviews

With JobScore you have complete control over who can access to your information using your privacy controls. We only share your information with your permission with real companies that are hiring for real jobs. We don’t allow resume consultants, recruitment agencies, mortgage brokers, or anyone else who isn’t hiring to use JobScore.

Right now the greatest concentration of employers is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but there are customers using JobScore around the United States and we even have some customers in other countries.

Only direct employers can use JobScore, and we don’t allow third party recruiters to access the system. With JobScore you are only matched with real jobs at real companies.

If you are contacted by a recruitment agency or anyone else who is not a direct employer through JobScore, please email us at and we will investigate. If they are not a direct employer, we will turn off their account.

Over 1000 employers currently use JobScore. Unlike the other big online job boards, JobScore is a quality, not a quantity site. JobScore reviews every company in the network, so you can be sure that all contacts you make through JobScore are real, legitimate and recent.

JobScore helps any kind of employer fill all of their jobs. So we have jobs:

1. At small companies and big companies
2. Across all different industries
3. For all kinds of people, from administrative assistants to lawyers, nurses and engineers.
4. Full time, contract, part time and virtual positions.

Hiring is not a one-way process. A good fit requires that you like the job and that the employer likes you! JobScore technology uses both your qualifications and job preferences to make sure we only connect you with jobs that that are a good fit.

It depends. How often you are matched with jobs is determined by your qualifications, job preferences and privacy controls. You could be contacted about 5 jobs on the first day, or it could be a year before someone contacts you.

We’ve designed JobScore to accommodate the needs of passive job seekers – people who aren’t really looking for a job, but who will interview if something great comes along. Our goal is to present you with fewer, higher quality matches. We don’t want to bother you with lots of jobs that don’t meet your needs.

JobScore notifies you by email when an employer wants to talk to you about a specific job.

There is no need to write a cover letter or submit a resume; if you’ve been matched with a job and received an email, the employer already has access to your information and wants to talk to you. Just relax, respond, listen to their pitch and see if it’s interesting.

A match score indicates how well you fit a specific job. The higher the score, the better fit. Match scores are calculated based on your job preferences. You can view the match scores for both the positions you’ve applied for and the companies who have contacted you in your account.

You control which employers can contact you on JobScore. If you don’t like the jobs you are being contacted about, just log in and adjust your job preferences and/or your privacy controls.

If you want to turn off your profile please login, visit the privacy controls page and set your match level to “Private: No one can find or contact me.”

We match you with jobs based on your job preferences, your privacy controls, and your profile.

If you aren’t being matched with any jobs, you may want to revisit your job preferences. For instance, if you chose to only be matched with jobs within a 5 mile radius of your zip code, you may want to change that to 20 miles.

You can also change the match level on your privacy controls. For instance, if you change your match level from “very strong” to “good” you will increase the number of jobs we recommend you for.

Employers will contact you based on the information you include in your profile. Making sure this information is accurate and complete can also increase your number of matches.

Please remember that employers open and close jobs all the time, so your number of matches will fluctuate up and down.

If you apply for a job, the employer has your contact information and they will contact you if they are interested.

If an employer accesses your profile in the JobScore Network, you are sent a job match email which includes the email address of the person who accessed your profile – so they can contact you, or you can contact them!

We send you an email each time an employer accesses your complete profile. A complete list of your job applications and job matches can be found on the homepage of your JobScore account.

We don’t notify you each time an employer views your anonymous profile, but you can visit your privacy controls page to see how many employers can access your profile at any given time.

Yes, there are two ways to do this:

1. When you create your job matching profile you will be asked about your desire to relocate. Simply check the appropriate box and you will be matched to jobs that are willing to relocate job seekers
2. In your profile, enter the zip code in the area you want to relocate to instead of your current home zip code.

We strongly encourage you to have only one profile in JobScore, however, if you use different email addresses you can create more than one JobScore profile.

If you are contacted by a third party recruiting firm through JobScore, please email and we will investigate and/or turn off their account.

CONGRATULATIONS! If you are hired by a JobScore employer, we automatically set your privacy controls to “Private: No one can find or contact me” so that you will no longer be matched with jobs. If you want to be contacted by employers again, just log into your account and change your privacy level and turn it back on!

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