Post to multiple job boards with 1-click

  • Are you wasting hours filling out forms on job boards? JobScore can post your jobs to 40+ boards in mere seconds.
  • We support one-click job posting to all of the following boards (and more):

Turn your team into a referral machine

  • Get everyone involved in hiring - because referrals are the #1 source of top performers
  • We make it easy for your entire team to market your jobs to people they know using facebook, linkedin, twitter and email
  • JobScore tracks what’s working so you can tune your campaigns and reward referrals
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Power the jobs page on your company website

  • Integrate once, publish forever - you’ll never have to ask your webmaster to make changes again!
  • Customize JobScore to match your website’s look and feel.
  • Multiple self-service integration options: choose a simple link-out, a configurable widget or full data-feed access - no set-up or consulting fees.
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Route applicants and capture feedback

  • JobScore completely replaces your company’s "jobs@" email inbox - and those nasty spreadsheets.
  • You control who is notified about new applicants on a job-by-job basis.
  • Managers can review resumes online or in email - and enter feedback in an easy, self-service UI.
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Stay on track with real time reports

  • Pipeline reports help you stay organized
  • Status reports show at-a-glance job status
  • Source reports help you optimize your recruitment spending
  • Flow reports shows you hiring pipeline bottlenecks at a glance
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Save time with applicant scoring

  • JobScore parses resumes so you can quickly review profiles and zero in on qualified candidates.
  • Applicants are scored based on your criteria so you can filter & sort based on who is the best fit.
  • Customizable email templates + bulk email = a fast, high quality candidate experience.
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The only ATS that comes with candidates inside!

  • JobScore is an employer-to-employer resume sharing network with 500,000+ resumes in it.
  • We recommend resumes for each of your jobs and show profile snapshots — so you have pipeline the instant you open a new job.
  • If you like what you see, you can use resume credits to access candidate’s complete resume and contact information
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Share unused resumes for credits

  • Each time your company shares a resume that’s not already in the JobScore Network, you collect credits to contact a different recommended candidate for free
  • Candidates decide whether you can share their resume or not
  • By default, resumes are shared when you ignore new applicants for 5 days, you decline them, or they withdraw.
  • These resume sharing conditions are customizable on the Plus, Premium, and Enterprise plans)
  • Sign up for our Plus, Premium, or Enterprise plan for complete control over sharing (including disabling sharing completely)
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