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JobScore was built to help you recruit, not sell you a dream. We prefer not to show or tell… we want to help you get real results and only ask you to pay once you know there’s proof in the pudding. It takes mere minutes to sign up and add a job. Here are a few ways our free trials stand out:

  • We want to talk to you! We include 4 free half-hour 1-on-1 training calls as part of your 30-day free trial.

  • Our team will help you build a candidate pipeline using your own website, job boards, employee referrals, and social media.

  • There’s an onboarding checklist to help you process candidates, so you’ll always know what’s next and can go at your own pace.

  • We want you to experience our powerful email, calendar, job board, and HRIS integrations for yourself.

Only add a credit card if you choose to continue after 30 days. Not happy? You can cancel anytime – no harm, no foul.


If you are an experienced HR or Recruiting professional at a small business and need a few questions answered before you get started, we get it.


Need a preview? The video above shows what it’s like to use JobScore day-to-day