Recruiters who worked for leading companies like Google, YouTube, VMware, Intuit, WebEx, and Nextag are now using JobScore. Here’s what some of them have to say:

With just 2 recruiters we grew from 40 to 200+ employees using JobScore. It’s easy to use and helped us save time and money because there are decades of hands-on recruiting expertise built into the product. This is one of the best products available for fast growing companies.
Bob Huynh
Vice President of Human Resources
Viki (previously: Tapjoy & Slide)
Jobscore helped me seamlessly transform a chaotic, unmanageable process into a streamlined staffing function.
Mike Smith
Senior Director of People
I run my business on JobScore — and I don’t know how I got by before it. I run recruiting for multiple clients at the same time and JobScore gracefully handles my super-sized recruiting needs. JobScore makes me look great because it's super easy to use and intuitive for everyone: candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters alike. Their customer service is awesome and the price is right.
Joanna Samuels
Head of Recruiting
Automatic, Zemanta, Life360 (Previously: Optimizely, Twitch, Chartboost, Readbeacon, Twilio, Tapulous)
JobScore is simply one of the best online products I have ever used. It immediately improved our ability to find, evaluate and select talent. I recommend JobScore to every hiring manager, recruiter and entrepreneur I know.
Jonathan Lowenhar
Chief Operating Officer
I’ve implemented JobScore at three companies and recommend it to anyone who will listen. It’s amazingly easy to set up and handles complex workflows and heavy resume load with ease. It’s so simple. I invite managers in and they’re rolling with few, if any questions.
Chris Weber
Sr. Consultant
It's not just that I'm pleased with JobScore, it's that my hiring managers are pleased with JobScore. JobScore has eliminated all of my reporting headaches (no more spreadsheets!) and everyone in the company now proactively participates in the recruiting process. This transparency and collaboration are helping me become the true recruiting partner I want to be.
Brad Littlefield
Contract Technical Recruiter
We’ve used JobScore across several clients over the years and those clients (surprise surprise) each have different workflows and our recruiters within each of these clients have different workflows as well. The great thing about Jobscore is that it’s very easy to configure and change client by client. And when I say easy, I’m actually talking about a few minutes here, a few minutes there to get it set up the way you want it. It is so much better than the other systems I’ve used where you have to open a support ticket and wait days or weeks to get it changed the way you want it.

JobScore also makes it easy to quickly let the CEO, VP HR, VP Finance understand how recruiting is going in the organization. In the past, we had to laboriously create spreadsheets to provide insight. With JobScore, we can pull up-to-date executive reports with a couple of clicks.
Greg Russell
The MitchelLake Group (Wikia, 99Designs)
One of the phenomenal things about the JobScore team is that they all come from the industry. From the CEO down to the Success staff, all of them have been recruiters. They understand exactly what’s going-on on my desk and the platform reflects that. It’s no-nonsense and exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less, and allows you to move with as much speed and customization as you desire. They don't force layers and layers of process upon you (that you are never going to use) like other tools do.

I'm also a huge fan of Jobscore's support team. I never have to wait more than an hour to get a response and they always follow through which is refreshing. In the past, I’ve used other ATS systems, which made me feel as if we simply didn’t matter to them. The JobScore team makes you feel as if you are their only customers and that’s awesome!
Jason Elkin
Director and Head of Talent Engineering
M-GO (a joint venture of Technicolor and Dreamworks)