Thank you for your interest in JobScore

We have not processed your request for a guided tour yet because you self-identified as an agency.

What’s going on?

  • JobScore accounts are for direct employers and RPOs (Recruitment Process Outsourcers), not third-party recruiting agencies who submit candidates. Accounts are owned by firms that hire and pay people directly.

  • RPOs are our best customers. Before starting JobScore one of our co-founders operated an RPO, so we are excited to show RPOs how JobScore can help them run recruiting for multiple employers.

  • Staffing agencies and search firms can’t have their own accounts but can submit candidates to their clients who use JobScore.

How to move forward as a Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO)

  • Email and let us know when you are free to talk. We look forward to building a deep and lasting partnership.

  • Sign up on behalf of one of your RPO clients where you process every candidate from every source (the company website, job boards, etc) and try using JobScore first before we speak. Make sure to sign up using an email address your client created for you.

How to move forward as a staffing agency or search firm

  • If your clients use JobScore, you can easily submit candidates through the search firm inbox.

  • You can ask your clients to create their own accounts and invite you to submit candidates.