Nov 21

Interview Self-Scheduling

Candidate interview self-scheduling, i.e. allowing your candidates to book their own interviews, has always been possible in JobScore by using third-party tools like Calendly or YouCanBook.Me. While this works, it has its compromises, including The status of interview scheduling requests is not shown in JobScore The candidate’s workflow is not automatically updated in JobScore when […]

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Interview Confirmations

JobScore can now send calendar invites directly through your calendar program, which also means JobScore can track when candidates accept or reject your invites. Event organizers will receive interview confirmation notifications as if they created events directly in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, and your team can see the confirmation status in JobScore at a […]

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Nov 7

Emojis in Emails and Calendar Invites

We added @mentions, #tags, and :emojis to notes earlier this year… but you asked for more. You can now include emojis in the emails and calendar invites you send candidates. Emojis are supported in email subjects & email messages, as well as calendar invite titles & descriptions. You can add emojis with the emoji icon […]

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Install 5 Microsoft Integrations with 1 Click

JobScore has several powerful Microsoft integrations that help your team click less and recruit more. Your IT team can now install all of these integrations at once: Microsoft Integrations include Two-way Outlook email synchronization See Outlook calendar free/busy, create events, and self-schedule interviews Insert Microsoft Teams conference links into calendar events for video interviews Refer […]

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Rating Questions and Comments

We’ve made a few improvements to candidate ratings that make it easier for your team to interview better. Rating Questions Interview templates can include scorecards with ratings that prompt interviewers to focus on specific criteria. However, inexperienced interviewers are often unsure what questions to ask candidates. Rating questions allow you to add sample questions to […]

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Saved Filters & Lists

Last year we added quick filters to the Candidate Manager, Job Manager, and Task Manager. Now we’ve made these pages even more powerful with new controls and saved filters. Regarding new controls, we’ve replaced the “all filters” control with three buttons: A sort button that allows you to easily re-sort the contents of the table. […]

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Colorful Themes

We know many of you spend a lot of time in JobScore, so we try to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We added custom themes to the new user experience to give you more control over how things look and feel. We started with a simple light theme, a dark theme, and […]

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May 11

JobScore Achieves SOC2 Type II Compliance

JobScore is proud to announce our successful achievement of SOC2 Type II (Type 2) compliance, underscoring our ongoing commitment to data security and privacy. By achieving SOC2 Type II compliance, JobScore has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the utmost protection of its customers’ data. The certification validates the effectiveness of JobScore’s information security management program […]

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