Social Recruitment

Make it easy for anyone to request referrals and set custom rewards
social recruitment rewards 1

Recipients either apply or forward jobs on to friends and colleagues
social recruitment rewards 2

JobScore tracks the effectiveness of your social recruiting efforts
social recruitment effectiveness

Generate referrals through social recruiting

  • Referrals are the #1 source of top performing employees.
  • People can use their own address book to refer jobs to their friends.
  • JobScore makes it easy for anyone to refer jobs directly to their social network connections or add your jobs to their profile.
  • Both employees and your careers site visitors can refer candidates.

Track referral campaigns and reward referrals

  • Set specific cash rewards or unique prizes for each job.
  • Run as many different campaigns as you want - it’s free.
  • Reports show how much referral activity you have for each job.
  • Build up your talent network – all resumes are stored in a searchable database.