Data Platform Architect

South San Francisco, CA | Engineering

Job Description

Data Platform Architect

icix is a well-funded start up that helps many of the world’s largest companies to effectively and efficiently manage risk across their global supply chains. Our cloud applications, together with our network, enable businesses to collaborate with their trading partners to gain transparency into their supply chain and to identify and manage risk. Our approach leverages a wide range of product and facility level data to manage key Supply Chain Initiatives including: Product Safety, Supply Chain & Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The icix network connects retailers and manufacturers, their suppliers and other trading partners, third-party certification bodies and testing laboratories, public sector agencies, and non-governmental organizations in order to manage safety and compliance programs.

The icix network and our cloud applications are used throughout a wide range of industries with complex supply chains, including General Merchandise, Apparel and Food. We deliver best-practice processes based on deep industry expertise, our extensive network of partners and years of experience and collaboration with our customers.




You will be responsible for designing and building the online icix application data platform.  Our architecture consists of an MVC web application which works in concert with a modern services oriented architecture that will make use of a sophisticated data platform.  The data platform will incorporate a variety of technologies including relational (e.g. MySQL), NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB), search (e.g. Solr), Graph (e.g. Neo4J), and Big Data (e.g. Hadoop).  


Your role will be to design and build the icix data platform which can deliver the best of all worlds utilizing these varied technologies so that our application can provide an outstanding user experience based on this flexible, scalable and configurable data solution.


You also will be responsible for defining and maintaining engineering best practices including coding standards, test driven engineering and the ability to rapidly iterate our solution.  Quality and agility go hand in hand, and you will be responsible for ensuring both.


  • 7+ years experience designing and developing data intensive applications

  • 7+ years Enterprise Java and related technologies (e.g Spring, Hibernate, JPA)

  • Experience and passion for shipping code frequently and on time

  • Expert in the use of SQL and SQL technologies (e.g. MySQL)

  • Excellent knowledge in the creation of data schemas

  • Hands on experience with NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB)

  • Solid experience with agile engineering practices such as Scrum, TDD

  • Excellent communication skills

  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent related work experience


  • Experience designing and building RESTful services and SOA architectures

  • Experience with Big Data platforms e.g. Hadoop, HDFS.

  • Hands on experience with Search systems e.g. ElasticSearch, Lucene, Solr.

  • Experience with graph frameworks/systems like Titan, Gremlin, Neo4J etc.

  • Experience with end to end testing solutions such as Cucumber, JBehave etc.

  • Good working knowledge of security best practices

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