Take Action

One Click Resolution

JobScore is purpose-built for you to quickly review and take action on candidates.


Use our powerful action menu to skip to any step in your workflow with one click.

Save time by selecting multiple candidates and moving them all at once.



Common responses and actions

  • Create email templates to request more information, ask for interview availability or decline candidates.
  • Configure templates to send an email and update the candidate‚Äôs workflow stage with one click.
  • Streamline communications by sending emails as yourself, anonymously or on behalf of a colleague.
  • Provide a better candidate experience by scheduling emails to be sent hours or days in the future.


Discuss with your team

  • Forward candidate profiles to colleagues to get their feedback.
  • All you have to do to contribute to the conversation is reply to an email.
  • JobScore auto-magically records all conversations that happen over email.

Drive process

without logging in

  • Context switching between email and JobScore can really slow you down and mess with your flow.
  • That’s why we’ve made it so you can update JobScore by replying to emails with simple text commands.
  • Commands include sending email templates, adding notes, changing a candidate’s workflow stage and more.
  • Learn more about email commands

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