Manage Search Firms


Invite Only

  • Control which search firms can submit candidates.
  • Eliminate resume spam by selecting which agencies can submit candidates for each job.
  • Search firms can never see the other candidates in your database.

Easy to Submit

  • When you invite a search firm to submit candidates JobScore emails them the job description and detailed submission instructions.
  • Agencies submit candidates by replying to this email. They attach a resume, type up notes and click send.
  • JobScore eliminates data entry by parsing resumes and routing them to the right people.

Duplicate Detection

  • JobScore checks every resume submission to verify the candidate is not already in your database.
  • When a matching candidate is found, the submission is bounced back to the agency to avoid candidate ownership disputes.
  • Duplicate submissions are easy to resolve after you connect with the search firm.

Keep everyone

in the loop

  • Automatically cc: search firms when you email candidates.
  • Send copies of interview feedback to search firm recruiters.
  • Turn specific notifications on and off whenever you need to.

Track Agency Performance

Click on a search firm to see their overall activity, per-job breakdowns and details about who they submitted.

The source quality report shows how far candidates from each search firm make it through your hiring workflow.