Control Employee Access

Make Collaboration Easy

  • Unlimited Users: Hiring is a team sport, get an edge over the competition by getting everyone more involved in recruiting
  • Single Sign On: JobScore makes it easy to get everyone involved
  • Flexible teams: Configure your hiring team per-job to meet each position’s unique hiring needs

User Permissions

  • Distinct access levels for every team member
  • Privileges range from Owner (which imbues god-like powers) to Limited (users can only make referrals and enter interview feedback).
  • Learn more about access levels in the JobScore helpcenter >>

Private Notes

  • When you add a note to a candidate, sometimes you want to keep that information private.
  • JobScore makes it easy to make notes private and precisely control who can see them on a case by case basis.
  • Something about default settings and privacy (per job)

Confidential Fields

  • Make sensitive job-specific information like salary and job offers confidential.
  • Create access level overrides to allow users to see hidden fields only for specific jobs.
  • Make candidate notes and job notes private as you see fit.