Boost Employee Referrals

Turn your team into a referral machine


Referrals are the #1 source of top performers.

JobScore helps you engage employees and leverage their networks to make more referrals.


A referral portal

for every employee

  • Easily add referrals over the web, on your mobile or by simply sending an email to JobScore with a resume attached.
  • Team members can see everyone they’ve referred and where they are in the hiring process.

Reward Referrals

  • Reward with cash, prizes or charity donations.
  • Make rewards available to anyone or restrict them to employees only.
  • JobScore tracks the source of every referral so you know who to reward.

Engage your team with referral campaings

  • boost-referrals-circular-info-1
    Email people who have the right network.
  • boost-referrals-circular-info-2
    Campaigns drive your team to their personal referral portal.
  • boost-referrals-circular-info-3
    Prompt the team to refer friends and share jobs on social networks.

Treat referrals

like first class citizens

  • Notify recruiters and hiring managers about referrals so they don’t get lost in the mix.
  • JobScore highlights referrals so you can use relationships to help qualify and close talent.
  • Create referral-specific email templates to customize communications.
  • 46% of hires at top performing firms are referrals

    – Dr. John Sullivan and Associates



  • JobScore’s referral leaderboard shows who is referring, how often, and how far their referrals are moving through your workflow.
  • See if referral program initiatives work by tracking total referrals and referral hires over time.
  • Take your referral program to the next level by focusing on (and rewarding based on) the ratio of new referrals → screens → interviews.