Be Responsive and Polite

Nobody wants their resume

to get sucked into a black hole


JobScore makes it easy to

respond to every applicant

Sort the resume pile

with applicant scoring

  • Create a “saved search” for each job with weighted scoring criteria.
  • JobScore uses your criteria to generate a 1 to 10 point score for each candidate.
  • Use scores to make quick decisions about who to contact and who to decline.

Personalized emails

  • Create email templates with custom fields for common responses.
  • Send emails as yourself, a colleague, or anonymously.
  • Schedule emails to be sent at a specific time in the future.

Review & respond in bulk

When you have lots of applicants, JobScore makes it easy to review them and respond in bulk.

Quickly open multiple parsed, standardized profiles and compare them side-by-side.

Multi-select to change everyone’s workflow stage and send personalized emails with one click.

Ensure everyone gets a response

  • JobScore allows you to set the maximum time a candidate should be in each workflow stage, after which they become “overdue.”
  • The Overdue Report shows how many people are overdue in each stage. Click on any number to see the detailed list of candidates.
  • From the list it’s easy to respond and make sure no one feels like their resume got sucked into a black hole.