Automate Reminders

Clear the clutter

  • Managing interviews quickly becomes a logistical nightmare when you are working on 5+ jobs at once.
  • JobScore automated reminders help you stay clear and focused by taking care of the details for you.

Change Notifications

  • Stuff happens and sometimes your team will need to cancel scheduled interviews.
  • When calendar invites are declined or deleted JobScore sends you a polite reminder to reschedule.

Interview Reminders

  • You want to help your team be prepared for interviews, but it’s a big time suck print up resumes for every interview.
  • JobScore sends reminders with links to a mobile-optimized interview kits with everything they need to conduct great interviews.
  • That’s right, no more “Where is the resume? What job is this for?” Just kick back and enjoy your ticket to paperless paradise.

Feedback Reminders

  • Collecting interview feedback is essential if you want to make better hiring decisions.
  • When team members fail to enter interview feedback, JobScore can politely remind them to do so.
  • Customer Quote: “JobScore makes my life so much easier! No more chasing managers for feedback, JobScore does it for me!” [need attribution, recruiting coordinator]

To each his own

  • JobScore allows every team member to configure reminders the way they want them.
  • Too many emails? Create daily digests to turn down the volume.
  • No emails at all? No problem. Reminders also appear on your personal recruiting dashboard.

Coordinate like a Pro

  • Our scheduling & interviewing features have been battle tested for 4+ years by busy, experienced recruiting coordinators.
  • JobScore makes it easy to see what’s next: interviews to schedule, confirmed appointments and people who owe feedback.
  • Easily drill down by user, job, or candidate and ping your team to take action if they fall behind.