Sep 8, 2014

Self Service Plan Changes for September 30th, 2014

JobScore has grown a lot.  We hired engineers to make our software faster and better.  We grew our customer success team to make sure that we continue to provide awesome support.

With this growth we’ve decided to fine tune our plans. Two changes will go into effect on Tuesday, September 30th.

Change #1:  Limits for free job board posting on the plus and premium plans

  • The Free plan ($0/mo) will remain at 3 open jobs (no change). 
  • The Plus plan ($99/mo) will be limited to 10 open jobs. 
  • The Premium plan ($249/mo) will be limited to 20 open jobs.  
  • The Enterprise plan ($499/mo+) has unlimited jobs (no change)

Rest easy – this isn’t as scary as it sounds.  If you exceed your open jobs limit JobScore will keep working normally and people will still be able to apply for your jobs.  What changes is your ability to post to free job-boards.  If you want to keep posting to free job boards you’ll either need to upgrade your plan or close some of your open jobs.

Why are we doing this?

  1. We want to ensure you have the right set of features and support. Trying to hire 20+ people? The features and support you get with an enterprise plan upgrade will save you tons of time and it’s a no-brainer investment.
  2. For job seekers we want to make sure that all open jobs in JobScore are real and that you are still hiring for them.  These limits encourage everyone keep their open jobs up to date – if you want to keep posting to free boards, you’ll need to close old jobs and keep your list of open jobs “clean.” 

Change #2: Self service plans are no longer available for companies with 100+ employees

Over time we found that our self-service approach wasn’t working for organizations with 100+ employees.  Every firm had different needs and we knew we could do better.  

In February 2014 we did something about it:  New customers with 100+ employees could no longer sign up for our self-service plans.  Instead, we invested upfront effort to learn about each employer’s needs and goals.  With this information we crafted custom plans with the features, training, and support they needed to meet their hiring goals.

This change had spectacular results.  Customers are making better hires faster – and more efficiently.  After 6 months of seeing this in action we’ve decided to retire our month-to-month self-service plans for everyone on the JobScore platform that has 100+ employees.  This means that if your company passes the 100 employee mark as a month-to-month subscription customer at any point, your company will need to move to a custom plan.  We’re in the process of reaching out to everyone on the JobScore platform who will be effected over the course of this month.

This is a business model change for JobScore that impacts every organization that has 100+ employees.  From here forward we will engage directly with customers that have “heavier” recruiting needs to build a dialog.  We’ll invest effort to design spectacular, customized, high-touch solutions that are priced based on the value JobScore delivers.

We remain as dedicated as ever to your recruiting success.  If you have any questions, please email our support team at, they’re standing by to help.  We look forward to connecting and answering every one of your questions.

Thanks for using JobScore and Happy Hiring!

Dan Arkind
Co-Founder, CEO & President

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