Jul 8, 2016

Automatic Job Board Distribution

Tired of clicking to get your jobs on free job sites?  Good news!  Starting today JobScore will automatically distribute your (open, published) jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor and 7 other job boards.  We refer to this as “Job Distribution” (vs. Job Posting, where you purchase paid postings one job at a time).

  • There is no additional charge for this service.  It “just works” and your jobs will stay posted as long as your job is open and published.  Enjoy!
  • You can still “pump up” your listings by purchasing paid listings on many of these job boards.  No changes here.
  • Don’t want a specific job jobs auto-distributed to job boards?  You can turn off job distribution on the Post Job page for specific jobs:

job board distribution update

Uncomfortable with your jobs being automatically added to job boards?  Admins can click here to turn off automatic job distribution >>

Need Help or have questions?  Contact support@jobscore.com

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