#1 Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software

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Click less, Recruit More

JobScore is an affordable, self-service applicant tracking system designed to help you hire better.

Easy setup ∙ Free trials ∙ Cancel any time

Post to multiple job boards with one-click.

Employee referral rewards.

A hosted careers page.

Tasks, notes, reports – it’s all there.

Unlimited users.

No long term contracts.

No sign up fees, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Simple self-service.

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Applicant tracking systems: Go beyond recruiting software

  • Sure, we help you manage requisitions, track applicants and run reports… but candidates are what count. Our primary goal is to make it easy for you to find and zero in on great people.
  • JobScore is also a shared resume database. Employers can opt to privately share resumes amongst themselves, building a unique pipeline of qualified, interested candidates for your jobs.
  • Hiring is a team effort and we make it easy to get everyone involved. Our social recruiting features leverage your team’s personal connections to find great candidates.
  • JobScore was designed by recruiters, not software engineers. We’ve built something we love to use, and we think you will too.

Resume Parsing

Reduce monotonous data entry and spend more time on strategic work.


Unlimited Users

Everyone can add feedback and referrals directly to the system. No more chasing feedback.


Self-Service Reports

Increase productivity and transparency. No more nasty spreadsheets!