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Job Description

About Us: Yabberz is an exciting new start up that allows users to play games related to news and current events. We will make a difference in the world by bringing to light the best comments and ideas from the amateur commentators. 

Job Description 
*Must be a Javascript Expert with extensive use of JQuery, HTML5, and CSS.
* Expert in client side scripting with Javascript and JQuery libraries. Must be able to write significant amounts of performance tuned custom JQuery code, not simply use prebuilt JQuery effects. 
* Must have experience writing JQuery plugins of significant complexity and overall clean object oriented Javascript programming, debugging, and performance optimization
* Must have experience with UI effect performance optimization for desktop and mobile browser including CSS selector design for performance and JQuery code performance tuning to minimize browser workload
* Must have experience with both CSS3 animations (transitions and keyframe animations) as well as Javascript based techniques, must demonstrate ability to make animations perform well on both mobile and desktop browsers
* Must have experience with HTML5 canvas element and canvas programming 
* Use of CSS media queries, use of browser capability detection libraries such as Modernizr, use of touch libraries and plugins 
* Experience with interactive real-time web technologies desired - specifically WebSockets and associated libraries and services such as and Pusher
* Experience on a web game development program preferred but not required
*Prefer someone with a Computer Science Degree but not required.
*Must have at least 5 years of programming experience.
*Offsite and work from home. Must meet with client once a week in person.
*This is a part time (20hrs week) to contract to hire position. Please submit resume with rate.
*Please note: We are not looking for agencies but rather independent contractors/consultants. Responses will not be returned unless a resume is submitted.

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