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Job Description

About Sweeps:

Sweeps matches college students with jobs.  Users post just about anything they need done, and we match them with the right college students for $25 per hour.  

Hundreds of Sweepers currently work in several North Carolina cities, and we will expand to other campuses soon.  We aim to disrupt college student hiring, and award millions of jobs to the most deserving college students in the process.

We are hiring for this position among others, and are always looking for more Sweepers.  We recruit thousands of college students and graduates, and invite the best to join us and work at Sweeps.

We are looking for:

Ambitious, entrepreneurial students to be the Sweeps representative at college campuses.  Looking for someone that loves talking to people, learning, and wants to start their own business.

What you do:

  • Spread the word.  Be the chief evangelist and supporter of Sweeps on your campus both recruiting for students and marketing to potential job posters
    • Host and attend events
    • Hand out Sweeps materials on and off campus
    • Digital marketing including emails, social media, and blogging.
    • Seek partnerships with the university, student groups, and businesses.
  • Recruit & Support Sweepers
    • Conduct weekly interviews
    • Be a resource for questions and general support.

How We Help

  • Learn to start your business.  We will provide materials, and you will learn first-hand recruiting, sales, management, operations, and many other facets of running a business.  
  • We run the operations.  We take care of awarding jobs, payments, picking up the phone, and everything else it takes to get the day to day operations done.
  • Brand and Marketing direction.  We will provide branding and marketing materials and efforts to make your efforts more effective.
  • Sweeps Team and Alumni.  We are a small team building a big community, and we all want to see you succeed.
  • We embrace and use the best cloud tools and applications to get things done.
  • We will provide and collaborate on projects, but will not micromanage you to get them done.
  • Hundreds of Sweepers available to help you get things done at work and at home.
  • We are growing, and have great relationships with other companies, and love helping interns get jobs within and outside of Sweeps.
  • Base + commission payment.  Get paid to spread the word, and get rewarded for doing so effectively.


  • At least 10 hours devoted to Sweeps weekly.
  • Able to withstand and give feedback.
  • Must be able to take Initiative and not need to be managed.

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