Analytics Engineer

San Francisco, CA | Engineering

Job Description

POPSUGAR, the leader in online media for women and recently named to the "10 San Francisco Tech Companies You Wish You Worked For" by WIRED, is looking for a talented analytics engineer to design and build the infrastructure our data team needs to drive core business metrics. The analytics engineer will automate the organization and aggregation of our existing data to meet the challenges of measuring and understanding the behavior of the millions of users around that world that shop and consume content at POPSUGAR every month. This is a great opportunity to work with a rich, dense data set and build systems that impact the e-commerce experience of millions of users. As a key member of our data science team, you'll work closely with our engineering, operations and data science teams in a fast-paced, aggressive, entrepreneurial environment.


As an analytics engineer, you will:

• Work closely with the data science team to build a state-of-the-art analytical platform to facilitate analysis and A/B testing of massive search and user data. 

• Solve the challenges of scaling and optimization of the internal data flow 

• Ensure consistency and accuracy of the data, and help design and develop data models for reporting and aggregation frameworks



• 2+ years experience with data warehouse technical architectures and ETL (with technologies like Hadoop, Scalding or Spark)

• Strong understanding of NoSQL database design, caching and scalability (with technologies like HBase, DynamoDB or MongoDB)

• Experience building scalable reporting/analytics tools 

• Familiarity programming with and building RESTful APIs

• Proficient in Java or Scala with solid competencies in software design practices

• Excellent communication skills and willing to work cross-functionally with other engineering teams across the organization

• Bachelors Degree or higher in an engineering or technical field, CS degree a plus



• Experience with lightweight front-end and visualization frameworks

• Highly qualified candidates will have hands on experience with any of the following; Hadoop, Scalding, Cascading, Storm, Spark, RedShift, HBase, MongoDB, Kinesis, Kafka, Scribe, Flume, & Scoop


This position is ideal for someone with distributed computing/ parallel processing experience interested in developing Big Data/ Machine Learning skill sets 

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