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Database Administrator

Washington, DC | Enterprise Information Systems Development

Job Description

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We are selecting a candidate to be the DBA for a Small Business Administration project to be submitted as key personell.  This position is subject to contract award.

Project Overview:

The Small Business Administration (SBA) requires enhancements to its current website to better allow for program evaluation and reporting. This system is envisioned as an integrated database containing all Small Business Investment Company(SBIC) program information, with two logical views of the data. The Public View provides access to award information as well as other data deemed publicly accessible by law. The restricted-access Government View provides all commercialization data for SBIC program evaluation.

The main objective for the project is to update the SBIC page on SBA.gov to include a searchable database of all SBICs. The major requirements will be to create a database of SBIC awardees that can be searched based on a number of different characteristics including: Year, Phase, State, Company Women/Minority Owned, Type of Fund, Award amount, etc.

This contract has a 90 day period of performance. Additionally, the interpretation for the requirements and timelines for deliverables will be interpreted by the COR and/or project manager.  These requirements may be influenced by changes and in the ongoing process to update the SBIR and STTR Policy Directives.



  • Have familiarity with the SBA System(s) Development Methodology and SBA standards for programming, security, and design standards.
  • Completes day-to-day tasks within a development team: support, expertise, documentation creation and review, troubleshooting, problem mitigation.
  • Develops database for role based interface views that have different capabilities based upon role-based authentications.
  • Develops databases for web interfacees that implement restricted view data entry interface for capturing and reporting on data.
  • Creates and is the co-owner of a System Architecture Document.
  • Establishes and enhances database rules and enforcement for a secure data interface that will be used for the real-time collection of data.
  • Validates data and enforces that the data transmitted conforms to the required formats, and that the data is valid.
  • To the extent possible, existing, accepted database design patterns and frameworks will be utilized to speed development and to lend a higher degree of quality/stability to the application.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Has proven experience in developing databases that successfully fulfill project requirements.
  • Has proven experience developing databases for role based interface views that have different capabilities based upon role-based authentications.
  • Has proven experience developing databases for web interfacees that Implement restricted view data entry interface for capturing and reporting on data.
  • Working knowledge/experience of database development, including their architecture, requirement identification, design, customer support/service, and overall project management
  • Capacity to understand, digest, communicate, and satisfy requirements in relation to deliverables, risks, issues, and team.
  • Communicates difficult and sensitive information tactfully
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Posesses sound judgment and tact 
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Work independently and as part of a team in a collaborative and productive manner


  • Experience working on new, enhancement, and maintenance projects

  • A vast amount of DBA tools in their toolkit 

  • 10+ years of overall professional experience, 5 years of IT experience minimum

  • M.S. or B.S

  • Ability to obtain and hold a position of Public Trust



    • Telework -- local preferred

    • Challenging Assignments

    • Professional Growth

    • Competetive Pay
    • C2C, W2, 1099


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