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Inventory Specialist & Customer Service Rep for Online Toy Store

Glendora, CA | Website

Job Description

About Us:

ToyZoo.com is the online home of Puzzle Zoo, a Unique Toy Store and Southern California destination since 1993. The ToyZoo.com warehouse is located in Glendora, CA; where we house thousands of different toys, games, puzzles and more that are sold at ToyZoo.com and other, popular online retailers.


About the Position:

The Inventory Specialist & Customer Service Rep position plays a key role in the success and future of ToyZoo.com. This entry-level position will see you overhauling and organizing our website warehouse. We're looking to simplify how we sort our products so that anyone within the company would be able to easily find an item. Think of this as the first phase of your time here. For your first two months you'll be organizing and specifying the different sections and bins in our warehouse. There are several thousand products in our warehouse, so this task is a large undertaking. The warehouse will be organized according to a plan we currently have in place, however your ideas and input will be greatly appreciated if it helps us achieve our goal. When that is complete, you’ll take over as our Customer Service Representative, you'll pick and fulfill all ticket sales from the warehouse and provide outstanding customer service to all ToyZoo.com customers. This is a full-time, Monday through Friday position. Day-to-day responsibilities (which you will be trained on) include:


  • Printing and Organizing Customer Orders

  • Proper Phone & Email Etiquette

  • Contacting Customers with Order Errors (Bad Addresses, Improper Credit Card Information, etc.)

  • Answering Customer Emails and Phone Calls

  • Accurately Pick Products and Fulfill Orders in a Time Sensitive Manner

  • Packing & Shipping Orders via Various Carriers

  • Inspect & Match Labels to Correct Products

  • Sorting and Placing New Items in our Website Warehouse that maintains the new layout.


Necessary Requirements:

  • Previous Customer Service Experience.

  • Able to be on your feet for extended periods of time.

  • Detail Orientated and Coordinated with the quantity and quality of picked merchandise.

  • Stock shelves and keep stock clean and in sequence.


Prior warehouse experience and prior product shipment experience is a plus!


The ToyZoo.com Warehouse is the main distribution center for our website and Puzzle Zoo store locations. Here you'll work with a small group of coworkers who each play a vital role in the success of this company. You need to be able to commute to our Glendora, CA warehouse on weekdays, 9:00am - 5:00pm. If you’d like to be considered for this position, please follow the instructions for properly submitting your resume:

  • Copy the application questions below into a word document. Fill out your name and answer the questions.

  • Attach (do not copy and paste into the body of the email) the filled out application, and your resume in two -separate documents in an email to jobs @puzzlezoo.com

  • The subject of the email needs to be "Puzzle Zoo August 2014 Inventory Application for [YOUR NAME]"

  • In the body of the email type "ToyZoo.com & Puzzle Zoo A Unique Toy Store"




Please detail your Toys & Collectibles experience:


What about this job interested you?


Are you a collector or fan of Movies/Comic Books/Superheroes/Star Wars/GI Joe/etc.? If so, tell us more.


Have you ever worked closely with a toy store or website in the past? Tell us about it:


Have you ever worked with any warehouse management software before? If so, please tell us more.


Give a brief summary of what you think the best Warehouse Stock organization system or idea is. Feel free to use any examples of what you’ve worked with in the past.


Please go to ToyZoo.com now and take a look at our website. Detail three things you like about it and three things you would change.


Have you ever worked with Online Marketplace Selling Tools (like Amazon Seller Central or Ebay)?


What is your experience, if any, with Excel?


Do you have any additional language skills?


What is your WPM typing speed?


In your previous experience, has there ever been a time when you couldn't complete your tasks within the set workday? If so, what did you do?


How will you identify problems and opportunities on the job?


Just for fun, tell us the difference between a Puzzle and a Construction Set?


Now tell us the difference between a Doll and an Action Figure?


What is your best quality?


Do you have any experience with Customer Service? If so, tell us about it?


The following four statements are sample issues based on real issues from customers. Please write a simple response to each issue (Use ToyZoo.com for reference):


“I ordered this action figure on October 10th. It was supposed to be here within seven days, but here we are on day ten and I don’t have it. The tracking page says it was delivered, but I didn’t get it. Help!”


“Hi. My son’s birthday is coming up and he’s a huge fan of the Pokemon Pikachu. I tried to order a Pikachu plush, but it said you were out of stock. Any suggestions?”


“I ordered the Batman: Burt Ward as Robin 1/4 Scale Action Figure yesterday. I think the item was a pre-order, can you tell me when is it going to ship out?”


“I live in Southern California and I’m interested in getting the Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle, but I’d like to see it in person first. Is there a store nearby I could check it out at?”


Any other information you feel we should know about you:


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