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San Mateo, CA | Engineering

Job Description

About You

You are a leader who “gets” the importance of creating products that delight customers.  You keep their perspective in mind as you work on ways to test (OK: Break!) our software, so you can educate us about code problems and elucidate us about what will cause our customers pain, and what will make the fans of our product.

You have have managed a variety of products that are based in Java, Scala and/or JavaScript.  You proved you can build of web architecture and success implementing and executing QA in a startup culture.

The Opportunity

Platfora is revolutionizing the way enterprises view and analyze their data.

We need you to break our software.  It’s your job to find creative and methodological ways to figure out what’s wrong with our product, finding the corner cases that a lesser QA professional would miss.

You will help set the direction of a QA engineering team in a small, startup culture that walks the walk regarding the importance of QA.  We need you to apply your keen mind to the questions, “Will the code run?”, “Can it scale?”, and, most importantly, “Will our customers love and use this?”  To get to this point, we need your judgment and customer mindset to prioritize what needs testing, and what doesn’t.

Specifically, the testing you’ll do involves multiple devices (tablet, web, mobile) on a robust stack that’s JavaScript/HTML5 on the frontend, with a slick, distributed data processing backend that uses Java and Scala – not your average “full stack”!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Help define and implement Platfora QA methodologies by working closely with QA, Development, and the Agile Leadership team

  • Own the architecture and implementation of core QA automation libraries

  • Mentor and train other QA team members on test design patterns

  • Work closely with the Agile Leadership team to on release & product quality strategy

  • Influence the Development team and engineering methodology ensure quality is built into the product from day one

  • Work closely with the Field Team to understand customer use cases and environments, and bring this information back to QA to help drive new testing methodologies and cases

  • Help define, record, and regularly measure product quality metrics with a goal to consistently improve quality release over release

  • Speak up and lean in on behalf of the QA team

  • Help represent and strengthen the Platfora QA culture

Job Requirements

  • You are a Leader who define and implement Platfora QA methodologies by working closely with QA

  • You have a deep understanding of QA methodologies with a track record of success

  • You have an in-depth knowledge of QA tools and frameworks (Selenium, Robot, etc.), with a thorough understanding of implementation patterns and techniques

  • You are an expert in at least one language (Python, Java, Ruby, etc.)

  • You are an expert in UI testing, with a thorough understanding of Selenium Web Driver

  • You are willing to take calculated risks and fail-forward

  • You love new technology and strive to stay in front

About Platfora
Platfora is the #1 native Big Data Analytics platform for Hadoop. Platfora puts big data directly into the hands of line-of-business people through self-service analytics that help them uncover new opportunities that were once impossible or impractical across transaction, customer interaction and machine data. An interactive and visual full-stack platform delivered as subscription software in the cloud or on-premises, Platfora Big Data Analytics is creating data-driven competitive advantages in the areas of security, marketing, finance, operations and the Internet of Things. Leading organizations such as Citi, Comcast, DirecTV, Disney,, Opower, Riot Games, Vivint and The Washington Post use Platfora.

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