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A good product solves a well-defined problem. Some of the best products are solutions to problems people never realized they had. Truly transcendent products solve their problems with a simplicity and flair that makes it all seem obvious in hindsight. The Loove has those first two covered. It needs your help with that last part.

The problem we're tackling is to how to make music sustainable. To this end, we're building an online distribution platform geared towards supporting cultural institutions, providing them with tools to create more opportunities around creative, not-overtly-commercial (you know, good) music. It's an opinionated app which aims to guide the dialogue around the future of intellectual property through new ways of engaging the marketplace: leveraging financial context and transparency, providing education along the way, requiring engagement from audiences. Without revealing too much, the bet is that a holistic approach to music creation, distribution and consumption will become a self-perpetuating engine, as it will present real value to all principles involved—artists, audiences, institutions.

Where would you fit in? In this position you will work closely with our UX/Front-end Lead trading off projects or aspects of projects within a peer-managed, iterative workflow. There will be a heavy emphasis on requirements-gathering, analysis and discovery, wireframing and plotting out complex, multi-party workflows across a range of tools or areas on the app. You will fall under the Web Development Team, yet will have access to all stakeholders in the operation, with whom you will be interfacing to ascertain or update business requirements, technical feasibility, perform rounds of research and discovery. This includes direct contact with our founders and other principals who will be directly involved in reviews and iterations.

As a UX professional it's more than likely that you hail from an 'adjacent' field, such as Graphic Design, Programming or Project Management. Your 'other' side is more than welcome to attend, and depending on its nature you will be asked to take on tasks falling outside strict definitions of UX—from project management, to graphic design to testing. In the case your other area of expertise is coding, here is our current stack:

Back End : Rails / Postgres / Ubuntu / Thin

Front End : Sass / Compass / (Zurb) Foundation

If you are a straight-up UX person who lives and breathes wireframes, personas, interaction patterns, usability testing, etc, we will fully respect that. Don't not apply!

Expect a crisp and professional atmosphere with a good camaraderie. You will have a lot of responsibilities and will be relied on, within an Agile framework, to execute with timeliness and consistency and do your part to support a lean and mean team. Don't stress, you will have support from our other designer and others in the organization (just as you will lend it).

We're currently looking for those with experience in UX/UI, preferably for web applications, with startup or agency experience, big ideas, and a lot of energy.

Please respond with your resume, links to apps / sites you've worked on previously (including your own), along with your github, dribbble or any other account which might allow us to peer into your world—and, very important: any examples of your  flowchart / wireframe / mockup work from the past.

Please, no phone calls, emails or drop-ins. No recruiters, thank you.

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