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We are a website dedicated to Peer to Peer knowledge exchange.  Our goal and mission is to bring those people with knowledge together with those who are seeking it. You are an expert at something.  Everyone is.  Someone out there is seeking what you know and is willing to pay to learn it.  This is your opportunity to step outside of the box and share what you know, make a little money and contribute useful service to knowledge seekers everywhere.

How We Work:

  • Be it how to repair a leaky faucet, design a website, crochet aheep slippers or paint a masterpiece - you have something to teach at iPublicate.  Take that knowledge and make a PDF tutorial, ebook, audiobook or podcast to upload to the site to sell.
  • You set the price.
  • Do the work once and sell it over and over again. You keep all rights to your publishings.
  • You are paid immediately after each item sells.


  • Creativity and a desire to teach what you know in a simple and visually appealing manner.  


  • Work from home on your own time
  • Great additional income 
  • The more tutorials you make = the more money you can make
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