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Media Development Mastermind

Scottsdale, AZ | Marketing

Job Description

Media Development Mastermind


  • Work on training and communication pieces for Fortune 500 companies
  • Work with our Project Management and Creative Directors to develop and/or deliver web based multimedia projects that wow and work.
  • Must possess the ability to take 100 slide PowerPoint decks and make them into something engaging
  • Must be comfortable in multiple software programs: Flash, After Effects, Premier, Final Cut, Photoshop, Maya 3D, 3D studio max
  • Must be able to question everything we do with new and creative solutions to the same old problems
  • Work independently to deliver projects on time with no excuses


  • Be able to create amazing work shockingly quickly and accurately
  • Enjoy clients who say impress me, and you figure out the rest
  • Must embrace the chaos of client driven world and strive to over deliver every time
  • Must play well with others, whether or not you are in the same room
  • Be humble enough to continue to learn your craft yet confident enough to showcase your abilities.
  • Must be able to tell a joke and not screw up the punch line
  • Be able to call "audibles" at the line
  • Must realize that hard work cannot be replaced with a degree
  • Must not confuse activity with “kicking butt”
  • Must not update status on Facebook with things like "the weather sucks", "I don't feel good" , "I'm having a bad day", or especially, "someone has a case of the Mondays."

Technical Skills

  • Comfortable with all or some of the following: Flash, After Effects, Premier, Final Cut, Photoshop, Maya 3D, 3D studio max, XML, HTML, HTML5, javascript, Actionscripting, anything else we haven’t thought of yet that can help us


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