Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA | Engineering

Job Description

Senior Software Developer


Bluenose Analytics is building a CRM for the subscription economy by creating value from the intersection of product usage and CRM data.  Our initial analytics application gives SaaS vendors an "early warning system" of reports and alerts to drive better trial conversions, prevent churn and grow recurring revenue.  For example, SaaS users with declining product usage might be at risk to renew their subscription.  Bluenose spots these patterns and alerts the vendor before it's too late. We are backed by top-­‐tier venture investors.


Success in this role means:

•    Developing an innovative, high-­‐performance predictive analytics platform

•    Making data collection & aggregation appear seamless and automagical

•    Living the Big Data Dream morning, noon, and night

•    Collaboration   with   designers,   product   management   in   fast   hypothesis

formation, prototyping and testing

•    Obsession with meeting customer needs and requirements

•    Integration with a wide variety of external services and APIs

•    Believing that enterprise software is where the action is



•    Design predictive analytics platform using popular Big Data technologies in a

novel manner

•    Creatively   architect   data   stream   collection,   processing,   and   matching


•    Implement multi-­‐tenant application logic and data mining

•    Care about how your customers will interact with your work

•    Code like there’s no tomorrow



•    Bachelors degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)

•    5+ years Java (J2EE) development experience

•    2+ years hands-­‐on cloud devOps experience (AWS or equivalent)

•    1+  years  building  on  noSQL/Big  Data  stores  (HBase,  Cassandra,  Mongo,  etc.) and associated stack (Hadoop, HDFS, Hive)

•    Working knowledge of popular web application stack technologies (jQuery, RoR, Groovy)

•    Storm experience a plus

•    Desire to define the culture of an early-­‐stage, high growth potential start-­‐up


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