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DevOps Engineer

San Francisco, CA | Engineering

Job Description

About Us:

About the Job:

  • Twilio runs 100% in the cloud. Technically we run in "the clouds"- using servers in multiple clouds based on the price, availability, failover & bandwidth of different offerings.
  • We already bring machines up and down and auto-configure them with the push of a button using a first-generation tool we built called boxconfig. (we know - soooooo original & creative)
  • We are looking for someone to take our mission-critical cloud infrastructure management system to the next level. This system will manage our telecommunications infrastructure cluster – it will orchestrate the provisioning, load balancing, dynamic configuration/re-configuration, monitoring and spend optimization of 10,000+ servers across providers, data centers, availability zones and myriad other variables we haven't even thought of yet.
  • You've been itching for the opportunity "do server management infrastructure right" for a while and are fired up to absolutely go to town on this - building scaling and healing automation that factors in security, failover, and quality/analytic tools to track stuff like packet loss, performance, latency, and more. You know, the stuff you'd build if world class infrastructure was the priority - and your boss wasn’t breathing down your neck about that i18n feature and the other whizbang things the marketing and sales VPs need yesterday.


  • Take personal responsibility for the availability and reliability of our service.
  • Save the company a lot of money on infrastructure costs
  • Author tools that reliably manage infrastructure. We're looking for someone to write clean, re-usable code. Elegant OO code that’s simple. This *is not* a scripting/sysadmin job.
  • Write maintainable code with extensive test coverage, working in a professional software engineering environment (with source control, dev/stage/prod release cycle, continuous deployment) - cowboy coders need not apply.
  • We’ll need you to do most of your work in python, but you’re free to select other platforms, languages (scala or erlang anyone?) open source components for different pieces of the project.
  • Support our existing production cluster management system while you improve it. Our current system is hacked together in PHP/bash and leverages Google App Engine, Twisted, Redis, pubsub and a bunch other stuff.
  • Own our server image configurations, collaborating with core server engineers to optimize for task performance, reliability, failover and scale.


  • You know exactly how awesome it would be to create what's described above. You've been dreaming about the opportunity to work on something like this without the distraction of other stuff for years. This job description made you drool a little.
  • A distributed systems foundation and a service-oriented mindset. You’re always thinking
    “What happens if this fails?” when you build things.
  • You've "carried the pager" before (ideally at both a startup and a large infrastructure provider) & have first-hand experience with what happens when infrastructure // tools fail.
  • A minimum of 5 years of coding experience (school counts). Much more experience would be great. What matters is that you’ve shipped and maintained mission-critical tools and infrastructure that many other people depend on.
  • You are a prolific coder who works well independently.

Bonus Points:

  • You’ve written software tools to manage 1000+ servers.
  • You are conversant in the pros and cons of different clouds: EC2, slicehost, rackspace, etc.
  • You've poked around with other projects trying to do similar things (rightscale, cloudcake, opscode).
  • You’ve made a substantial contribution to a widely used open source project. Huge bonus points if you started or lead a project.
  • You read up on and experiment with new technologies because it’s in your nature, not because it’s a job requirement.
  • You don’t just learn how things work, you learn why.
  • Formal training in computer science (bachelors, masters, whatever)

Perks include:

  • Full benefits, including medical, dental and vision
  • An Amazon Kindle on your first day, and $30/month to spend on books (Twilio wants you informed)
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • Catered lunches and a weekly team dinner featuring invited technology and entrepreneurial speakers
  • Excellent gear (“We ❤ Apple computers and big monitors — two if you need ’em”);
  • A strong belief in life/work balance
  • Twilio track jacket and shoes after demoing your first Twilio app in front of the company!

How to apply:

  • Want to stand out? Sign up and build an app using the Twilio API. Include a link to it in your cover letter. Bonus points for pointing out bugs or things that annoyed you/could be better about the platform.
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