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Post your jobs to multiple job boards with one click

  • Need to get the word out about your jobs?
  • Wasting time filling out forms on multiple job boards?
  • Want to filter your inbox so you can focus on qualified, local candidates?

The JobScore Solution

  • Add your job and post it to Monster, LinkedIn, Craigslist and more with just one click.
  • Post to Indeed, SimplyHired, Oodle, Juju, Vast, and Trovit as often as you like for free.
  • People respond to your postings by applying using their own resume on a JobScore-powered careers site.
  • JobScore automatically scores and tracks your applicants so you can see which sources generate the best candidates.
  • The combination of self service reports and unlimited users means you’ll never have to compile a report again - your team can just log in and get real time reports any time they want!
Note: JobScore is not a job board. We make it easy for you to purchase postings on job boards and track their effectiveness.

Supported Job Boards Include: